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Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP
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Re: Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP

meanchico wrote:
For a mere 8 bucks we can hear and own these great tracks a month before it's officially released. I feel more privilaged than ripped off honestly.

Every red cent I spend on the artists I love is completely worth it.

This ethical argument crap is bullshit. The distribution of music has been questionable for years now. It's nothing new. Every reaction and opinion in regards to it is old and tired. Go Broadcast for beating the file-sharing assholes to the punch.

Paying twice for the same thing is bullshit, unless you enjoy being really bad with your money in these hard times, or just some trust-fund bitch without a clue. Yeah, I like spending money on these people I like, no doubt, but come on, this is some bizarre way of treating fans. Why not get a discount on the purchase of the hard-copy CD/LP if you have purchased the digital advance copy? I mean, we're all caught in the capitalistic web, but scratch our backs a little.

Sep 24, 2009, 22:09


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