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Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP
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Re: Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP

Although illegal, I would say it's acceptable to DL the thing IF you are going to buy the CD or LP at a later date. Shame on anybody who has a 10,000 LP mp3 collection that they never paid for (I know people like this!!!).

I spend about £200 a month on music (mainly new, some used) so I am not going to feel too guilty about doing DL'ing the odd album.

Basil had some interesting facts about record company sales figures and income a wee while ago. Basically, 2008 was a mega-grossing year for them and that it's a bit of a myth that illegal DLing and file sharing is killing music.

Laetitia seems to think that though??!!

Would be good to hear Martin's view on this issue.

Sep 24, 2009, 23:37


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