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Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP
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Re: Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP

GaryB wrote:
Although illegal, I would say it's acceptable to DL the thing IF you are going to buy the CD or LP at a later date. Shame on anybody who has a 10,000 LP mp3 collection that they never paid for (I know people like this!!!).

I spend about £200 a month on music (mainly new, some used) so I am not going to feel too guilty about doing DL'ing the odd album.

Basil had some interesting facts about record company sales figures and income a wee while ago. Basically, 2008 was a mega-grossing year for them and that it's a bit of a myth that illegal DLing and file sharing is killing music.

Well, you're right, and I'm a traditionalist like you with an unhealthy percentage of my budget going towards music purchases, who has gone the route of trying-before-buying because I do end up buying (and because that usually means making a special order for it, since distribution to indie record stores has suffered in recent years, the stock no longer as diverse, plentiful or readily available). So we've been told all these things about music purchases, the industry needed to go digital, death of the CD, resurgence of the vinyl record, Radiohead doing away with albums in favor of single-song releases on iTunes, yadayadayada... It's really kindof a crappy ploy to do this digital release date in advance of the hard-copy release date (and labels like Darla have taken to it as well), if you're going to distribute promos to reviewers, stores, stations, etc. On the one hand it's still going to get out there sans-coute, so who cares about buying the release in lower-quality format; but on the other hand if the preferred method of delivery that labels want to turn to is digital, the "loss" is that of the patient do-gooders who actually want to pay for a physical product. In fighting the demon, they're murdering the angel.

Sep 25, 2009, 00:29


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