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Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP
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Re: Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP

k. wrote:
The mp3 release is not an official release. It is a pale replication of the thing for which we will pay full price later on. If anything, we are being ripped off if we pay for this unlimited-issue (supply and demand, hello?), intangible and poor quality substitute which is priced way higher than it should be. It's a scam. Do you pay for air?

If it wasn't an official release, then they could be sued for selling it.

Just because it's worse quality and not a physical product doesn't make it un-official. Think of it as a service, if anything... it's not free to serve out a web site store with download bandwidth. But I'll agree that they cost too much... should be like 40 cents a song maybe.

Sep 25, 2009, 17:17


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