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Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP
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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: Stop begging for copies of the Broadcast EP

Left Boob Oscillator wrote:
Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:
k. wrote:
Well, Cheese, I am very serious about this. I spend thousands of dollars a year on music and do not intend to deprive Broadcast or Stereolab of the money that they deserve for their product. Your argument that I am "stealing" is about as binary as it gets, and completely absurd. I take it that you are a strict believer in digital rights who pays for every single download he does. You are trying to reduce this situation to black and white, when you know and likely practice the grey areas of this debate.

No, I've already admitted I operate in the grey area myself. However, how I operate is beside the point.

I'm not the one trying to make the argument that the MP3s are not officially released or comparing the purchase of this release to the purchase of air.

I am merely stating facts: the band and the label have officially released this download. If you want it, you must pay for it. If you obtain it otherwise, it is theft.

End of story.

You're just being hypocritical and inflammatory for no reason. Your argument is "it's okay to rip people off if you don't know them." Steal an Aerosmith mp3 = ok. Steal a Broadcast mp3 = not okay.

Your argument is total bullshit.

I never said it was ok to steal an Aerosmith mp3. Its theft, either way. Why are you unable to admit that?

Sep 25, 2009, 18:08


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