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Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland
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Re: Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland

would you hold this view if he was American , BLACK and not a famous person ? I can't believe anyone would actually contribute to his career by watching his films much less him winning an academy award. THE ART WORLD IS SO FUCKED IN THE HEAD. I actually went to art school and studied a classical form. These heretics in the film industry and music industry can go fuck their mamas. I'm so relieved with the advent of you tube and programs like this are destroying these over-rated, inflated self aggrandizing industries, music and film, and returning it to the hands of legitimate artists like myself.

YES, he deserved to go to jail all this time!! I am the mother of a thirteen year old girl and if that had been my child he would have been in jail a long time ago.

Sep 29, 2009, 22:33


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