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any extra copies of the new tour 7"?
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any extra copies of the new tour 7"?

hello fellow Lab fans, i've been an occasional lurker for sometime now and Lab fiend for much, much longer, and this is my first post on the forum.

i missed the Groop this time around as their nearest gig was in Austin on a Wednesday night; i've got a full-time job, full-time university and a full-time family of three to all be responsible for, plus three full-time bands which are all gearing up for recording projects, so an eight hour jaunt from south Louisiana to the middle of Texas wasn't in the cards this year. still, as reasonable as my reasoning was, i am so bummed to have missed the show, and am equally disappointed to have not been able to pick up a copy of the new tour single. other than the flexis, Stunning Debut, Super 45 and the Eaten Horizons LP, it is the only vinyl release by the band i don't have ... would any one of you have chanced to purchase an extra copy that you'd be willing to sell?

i know the whole point is to get one for yourself at the show, but i just couldn't get there this time and no one's serving it up on eBay or elsewhere. please let me know.

i'm obviously putting myself out there as anyone could say, "oh sure, send me x-amount and i'll send you the record," and then not send it, but y'all are all a lovely bunch and i'd be willing to take a chance with ya. please let me know if you can help! thank you. best, ryan

Oct 21, 2008, 04:40


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