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Re: probably the best

I think Cobra, Dots and Loops and Microbe Hunters are the best. Love the complex songs like Refractions, instrumentals like Outer Bongolia (the subtle shifts and repetition remind me of the way The Sea and Cake play with a similar pop refrain in Four Corners). And contrary to some here, I think Caleidescopic Gaze is truly beautiful. I guess I'm in the camp that finds Margerine Eclipse and Fab Four Suture weak. There is something sad about both albums lack of ambition (and lack of Mary). While both have some very pretty songs, neither jells. This is more a critique of the structure of Margerine than FFS which is a compilation yet I have always liked the other comps, like Oscillions which features some of their very best songs.

Oct 28, 2008, 15:28


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