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That's a fact:
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That's a fact:

When Cheeso/Squirrel gets active on this forum, trouble will soon follow.

He rarely post here now, one little message once in a while. This forum has been civilized and pleasant for a while, then, Cheeso awakens and is deeply involved in the Polannski discussion: chaos ensues.

It's not LBO's fault: he has been a very active member since forever, not like me or cheeso. He seem to post messages here daily and nothing wrong happens.

It's not my fault: I was not there.

Others (like me and LBO) were often blamed for what happened in the past, but I think that it is now clear that if it weren't of Cheeso/Squirrel, things would have been much better.

I suggest we all ignore the troll Cheeso from now on. Leave the poor thing alone in it's misery. Trolls are craving attention and they will stop at nothing to get attention, like ruining intelligent and civilized discussions on forums such as this one.

Oct 14, 2009, 07:31