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speaking of the Labs vocals...
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speaking of the Labs vocals...

a rather nice comment on them by gonzo record reviewer Mark Prindle

'Stereolab has the best female vocals in the world. There is absolutely no ego in the voices at all. Not an ounce of it. They are surrendering their personalities for the sound - the beautiful sound of the band. From their whizbang bouncey fun early Neu! ripoffs through the modern-day mature bachelor pad lounge music, Monooratory(HA! DO YOU GET ME?)'s vocals have never screeched like Alanis MoriSHITte or twanged like SHITyl Crow or squawled pain into the brain like Janis SHITlin. No sir, Stereolab's Laetitia SHITier and Mary SHIT (who sadly passed away in a bicycle accident recently) aren't here to drunkenly bask in the irritance of their soul pipes: they're here to create tones as beauteous as those pissed out of the band's Vox organs, Farfisas and strummy things with the wood. I'm nearly tempted to say that no other band has ever had such beautiful singing on their records. And in a world without Boz Scaggs, this would surely be the case.'

Oct 20, 2009, 20:22