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Kleber Fix-It Thread
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Kleber Fix-It Thread

The "Who are you?" thread now having moved to a 10th page has shown an easy-to-fix problem with the site: in "flat" mode, one cannot immediately access the most recent posts once a thread gets over 60 messages long. So, maybe we could draw Kleber (assuming their still watching)'s attention to this and other issues with this thread?

In this particular case, it would be fixed with a simple "last" option, rather than only have pages 1 through 6 available. As it stands now, one has to click on page 6, then again on page 9...and only then can one get to the 10th page. Can you imagine if we start building monstrous threads like on the old board?

Any other suggestions for our friends at Kleber?

Oct 21, 2008, 21:29


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