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Biden/Palin debate
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Re: Just So I Have This Straight. . .

Jasonspaceman wrote:
Cybele I know you are the most die hard republican in America but COME ON! Have you not heard Palin talk? She sounds completely uninterested in foreign affairs. She thinks by being neighbors to Russia makes her qualified. The worst thing about her is she can't speak in complete sentences. You would probably make a better running mate. But i have to give the republican party some credit, they at least found someone that makes George W. look like an intellectual.

Now. . I made the post stating that the moderator of the debate is subject to bias because she wrote a book endorsing candidate B. And your retort was to criticize candidate A and label me a die hard Republican??

Can you answer to the post I made? Ah fuck it, let's flip it. . .I'll ask you this: would you want the moderator to be Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity? Would you envision a balanced debate if either of them moderated?

Please advise,

Oct 02, 2008, 03:53


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