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Biden/Palin debate
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Well, I just watched the debate...

I was expecting the Failin' Palin we've been seeing in her rare interviews, but surprisingly she didn't embarrass herself too badly although her answers were pretty generic and pandering at times.

Biden, on the other hand... HOLY COW! His answers totally blew me away. He was so confident (in a good, leader-like way), strong, substantial, his answers were so great! Near the end, he had to catch himself from crying when he talked about fearing for his 2 sons after losing his wife. We saw into his soul (if such a thing really exists) and felt his genuine authenticity.

Palin made me cringe many times. Ugh, I can't imagine the nightmare if the "Disney movie mom candidate" were to become president.

Biden just won himself a new fan tonight (me).

Oct 03, 2008, 05:23


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