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Biden/Palin debate
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Obama/Biden need to take this seriously

I think that the left should be very careful about dismissing her and her comments. While to Obama supporters (or anti-Republicans) she may have sounded like she didn't say anything last night, she was very alive and energetic, while Biden looked and sounded experienced but very tired. She was very folksy, used populist takes on Washington and the East Coast and in general, and was accented. She said "noo-kyoo-lar", what, a couple dozen times? People may put down Joe Six-Pack, and maybe with good cause, but perhaps it is oft forgotten just how many Joe Six-Packs there are in this country? It doesn't take much for Joe to get in line with the elephant, and as long as she was able to speak clearly, show some moxy, and smile while looking at the camera, she was in effect going to win the debate with them.

When people talk about there being "two Americas", they're not far off. Dems have "their guy" and Pubs have "their guy and gal". Each addresses his voters in those debates, and is hard-pressed to pick up any from the other side. After watching both debates, trying to keep as objective a view as possible, I think that McCain and Palin have done VERY well. No, they might not be saying anything at all, but they have clearly been the more animated and alive in each instance, and have possibly done the unthinkable: gazumped the "hope" and "change" vibe right out from under the "hope" and "change" candidate's nose.

If Obama wants to win this thing, Tuesday he must be peppy and approachable. I know that we want intelligent leadership in these times, but instead of decrying the whole "American Idol" electorial process, maybe it's worth considering embracing it, embracing the American voter. I mean, you're Barack Obama... how difficult is it really to show that you're going to be way more fun to hang out with than John McCain?!

Oct 03, 2008, 12:37


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