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Biden/Palin debate
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Re: Just So I Have This Straight. . .

Hey Cybele,

I'll address your point Cybele! Gwen Ifill is a moderate centrist...she is not writing a "pro-" Obama book but a book about what the Obama candidacy means for America. But whatever: I'd guess that in terms of her private political leanings I'd bet she's probably a Democrat. But as a pundit and political analyst she's anything but a leftist: of all the big names figures she has always struck me as neurotically preoccupied with coming across as non-partisan. Do you recall how she moderated the VP debates last time around? She lobbed softballs at Cheney (strange, considering he had a fairly controversial record as VP to defend) while going pretty decisively on the attack with John Edwards. And this time: can you honestly say that she was unfair in her handling of Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin categorically REFUSED to answer a number of questions and evaded several others. Whether you see her as a terrible, sloganeering lightweight--as I do--or not, I do not think Ifill gave you any legitimate cause to complain last night.



Oct 03, 2008, 20:01


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