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Biden/Palin debate
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Re: Obama/Biden need to take this seriously

Thanks for the suggestions and warning, hopefully Obama considers that.

My girlfriend went into this debate with an open mind, wanting to like Palin since she's also female. However, she couldn't stand Palin's answers or attitude, especially that she kept refusing to answer questions and didn't say anything good or significant. Hopefully not everybody out there is so blinded that they actually like the Moosilini after seeing last night's performance, especially from Joe. I'm surprised that you think he looked tired. I didn't know much about Joe before, but I thought his strength and energy were very stong! I kept thinking, DAMN, this might really be a blowout election for Obama! But I have to remember there's still a lot of racism and voters being illegally scrubbed from the polls, much like they've done in the last couple elections.

Palin is so far out of her league here, anybody that denies this would vote for a freakin' rock if it were on the GOP ticket.

Oct 03, 2008, 21:16


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