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Re: oiuja boards

s_lush_s wrote:
One time my friend and I made a homemade ouija board, because our friend Cindy had thrown away our Parker Brothers Edition. Our ouija board was super powerful. We were playing it in the dark and there came a knock at the door, the Ouija board went out of control and started moving by itself and spelled out the letters M-A-R-K!! We went and answered the door and a guy named Mark was there. ooooohhh ooogabooga. It was so scary. Our friend Cindy threw away our homemade Ouija bored because it was satanic. and I never played ouija again!!

when i lived in connecticut we had just moved into a new place and my mom kept having nightmares that some dark shadowy figure was holding her down and applying so much pressure that she could barely breathe. this went on night after night for several days. then one day while going through the attic, my parents found a ouija board. they took it out of the house and destroyed it. my mom's nightmares stopped that same night...

Oct 29, 2009, 21:21


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