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Re: oiuja boards

Oiuja boards are satanic and yes they work by luring you in to think you are going to experience something spiritual, you get nothing but spiritual darkness from these things and you bring a curse upon yourself.
Satan masquerades as an angel of light drawing people in by mass deceptions, the oiuja board is just one of many evil tools that he uses. You will think that I am crazy but that's o.k. please don't risk it.
As you've probably guessed I am a Christian, and I was involved in many occult practices in the past, but since my conversion to Christ I have been healed of the damage done by all those dark things.
If you have been involved in any of this stuff please pray sincerely and ask Jesus Christ to save you and heal you, if you are sincere in your prayer then you will receive peace and joy beyond your wildest imaginings.
God loves you all through His son Jesus Christ.
P.S. I think Stereolab were one of the best groops ever, just in case you think I am only here to talk about Jesus.

Oct 30, 2009, 11:29


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