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Jesus Christ is the son of God, only He can save you from your sin. Pray earnestly for forgiveness and you will see that He is the truth, because at the present time people are under the delusion that they can be good, in reality no-one but God is good. Heaven is real and so is hell, the whole of humanity will be judged on whether they accepted God's son Jesus Christ, when we accept Jesus as our Lord and saviour the delusion is broken and we see how vain all our own efforts to do anything good are.
Sin is that independent spirit that thinks it can make it on it's own, in essence this is nothing but pride which is why we must turn to Jesus in order to have our eyes opened to see the truth. It's like the film "The Matrix" Sin and self is the matrix, and it's very convincing. When you give up trying to make it on your own and accept God's salvation through Christ, you will become unplugged from the matrix of sin and self. Jesus is "The One".
I have probably not explained it very well, but there may be a very specific reason that I am writing this today.
Regards to you all.

Oct 30, 2009, 15:50


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