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Don't flatter yourself. You neither arouse or terrify me. That fact you agree with me about the Catholic church proves that you are not a complete twit, but I do not and cannot agree with you about Satan and Jesus. As far as I am concerned, the Jesus with blond hair, blue eyes, nice curls, and crumpets in his beard is a complete image of make believe. And so is the image of the endless fiery pit with the seven headed beast that will swallow me whole in sulfur. It's completely bogus. It is not a matter of pride. Once again you will find yourself agreeing with me when I say it is a matter of spiritual salvation. You can put all your eggs in your basket. Rest assured, I know where to put mine. You may have found Wonderland Alice but when you die you won't be floating on a cloud somewhere playing a lute. The concepts of Heaven and Hell are the most overblown and over imagined in the whole history of mankind and so are those ideals based on the readings of the bible, a book which in my opinion wouldn't be so bad if it had been translated properly and not edited by whichever king deemed it appropriate for his people. Then again, what was Shakespeare thinking in the first place?

Nov 03, 2009, 17:00


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