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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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Re: oiuja boards

I saw a ouija board today in the "occult" section of the bookstore today. It has been renamed the politically correct moniker of "THE PSYCHIC CIRCLE" and it's all girly now, fuschia and teal. It advertised,"ask all life's complex questions,". I was in this section of the store because I'm researching a new topic of interest to me: satan and music. the bible says, that satan is the principality of the airwaves (eph.2:2). what this eludes to is that satan travels through the air jamming up the waves and wreaking havoc on souls. I don't believe everything I read in the bible (and I don't read it very often) but this has a ring of truth to me.
oh well, more research to be done.

Nov 04, 2009, 01:15


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