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I also agree with what you say about the ridiculous image that Jesus sometimes has,religion has done this to keep intelligent people away from the truth, what I am talking about is the fact that God loves you and has made the way for you to truly be in relationship with him through Jesus, the first step is to acknowledge that we don't know what it's all about i.e. life the universe and everything, and ask for forgiveness for our self obsessed lives, thinking that we can make it without him.
I don't know about the 7 headed beast you spoke about but there is a hell and it is the total sum of all our selfish desires never being fullfilled and the agony of knowing that we could have turned to Jesus for salvation and knowing that it is too late.
I don't use the bible that you mentioned as I have never spoken in that way, nor do I believe that God speaks that way, He speaks very clearly, one simple message, turn from your sin and let Jesus Christ save you, Christ's blood is totally effective to remove all our guilt and shame which is what we need when we face judgement, which we all shall.
Just because you don't believe something doesn't stop it from happening, and in the same way that you had no say or power over the time and place of your birth, so it will be with death and judgement, we can only escape this terrible judgement through faith in Jesus Christ.
kind regards Joe.

Nov 05, 2009, 10:49


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