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You don't know when to quit.

No to Jesus.
No to Fish.

I never said anything about the planets.
Your Crucifixion myth is based on Astrology. All of it is. The whole myth of Christ dying and rising is based on the shortest day of the year in December when the Sun goes down. It is then reborn and the life cycles begin with all over again with the days getting longer and longer. When they say the Sun has risen that is exactly what it means. Of course you interpret it as the Son. But that is not what it means. Even the word Horizon comes from the phrase Horus Rising. Horus, the ancient word for the Sun. The Sun of God. You can do your own research. Or you can pray your sweet little jesus loving ass off. Either way, your not winning anyone over. You say you're not telling anyone to do this or do that and in the same sentence you're telling me to ask your Jesus for forgiveness and find the light to part with my sinning ways. The light is within. The star is within. The kingdom of heaven is within.

Eat it Joe.

Nov 07, 2009, 21:44


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