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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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Re: oiuja boards

the new testament sucks! all the good stuff is in the old testament.
You're obviously some kind of protestant. I don't need protestant input. If you haven't studied the bible (as I have) in it's entirety you're not qualified to interpret the bible theologically.
ouija boards have nil to do with the bible. It's a game manufactured by Parker Brothers.
Protestants disregard the Old Testament which is crazy because it's obviously, "THE WORD OF GOD", why don't you go get "saved" versus "born again"!
I can't stand protestants, they have no concept and comprehension of the bible, plus they show a complete disregard for all the other religions of the world i.e. catholicism for without there wouldn't even be protestant christianity. you owe your faith to the Jews and the Catholics.

Nov 08, 2009, 05:45


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