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Has anyone tried a Muzak LP?
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Has anyone tried a Muzak LP?

The Muzak Corporation put out in the '70s several demonstrational records, most of them having the title "Stimulus Progression" and a number attached.
Of course, these records are now very rare, but the proposal seems really mouth-watering for someone like me who hasn't heard too much real muzak, just ingenious elevator music pseudo-copycats from the likes of Stereolab or Rich Bennett...
All this concept behind Muzak sounds wonderful to me, but practically... At least the Stimulus Progression record I managed to hear wasn't stimulating at all. I couldn't find anywhere the catchy whistle-able melodies that this genuine elevator music was supposed to have. For the most, the songs were rather depressing and tend to build up too slowly. And never attempted at least to try and be more than frankly forgettable. Well, at least there aren't diabolical and/or annoying melodies that get stuck in your head, but there's nothing really pleasant...
I'm afraid to try anymore of those Muzak records. It seems to me that what Stereolab and others have made out of this influence is better after all... Same goes, unfortunately, for, say, Enoch Light. I've tried to enjoy his records, but which suffer from the same problem: totally forgettable songs. With the exception of that record featuring The Free Design, "Spaced Out". At least the percussion albums I've tried have nothing spacey in them... (or real pop, for that matter.)

Oct 31, 2009, 19:19