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SF 21-10 / meeting tomorrow?
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SF 21-10 / meeting tomorrow?

just a quick report, because as you'll read below, i'm beyong exhausted.

-i got at the fillmore at 8 and there was almost nobody near teh stage. by the time the groop hit the stage there were easily 600 people, probably more.
-i didn't notice anything new on the setlist.
-tim had huge tuning problems during the show, delaying the begining of some songs. laetitia made a joke saying they still aren't professional after all these years.
-band pretty good throughout. sound where i was (4 feet from laetitia - i was wearing a black adidas track top in case someone noticed me) had too much kick drum.
-laetitia, well... has she *ever* done a bad gig? i doubt.
-my other stereolab experiences (sao paulo, 20000) were acknowledged by the band themselves as something very special so I can't compare.
-for the equipment savvy, tim played his mustang with racing stripes through a fender twin reverb plus effects. the bass player had a fender precision through a fender silverface head and an 8x10 ampeg cabinet. laetitia plyed a litle phatty through a roland amplifier. the keyboard player used a rhodes+mini moog with an amplifier i couldn't discern from the distance and a jazz chorus (for the rhodes, i suppose) and he keyboardist-singer a clavinet duo and a vox organ through a fender twin reverb.
-i hanged out at the filmore exie trying to speak to the band for a while and get something sgned but i only saw tim who was very tired. after 17 hours inside airplanes (since i got a mileage ticket, the best i could get was sao paulo-new york-seattle-oakland), i was too tired to insist, so maybe tomorrow. now i need a bed and a bath tub as i won't have a decent hotel for the next 12 days.
anyone here up for a meeting tomorrow before the show?

Oct 22, 2008, 08:10


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