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you know what would be cool?
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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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you know what would be cool?

if instruments were voice activated and you could control them with your eyes. just like all that stuff I do for the government, that I really shouldn't tell you about.
yeah that would be neat. then the band does their voice eye thing they could throw up a visual decoy kind of like a stealth thing (again, like what I do for the government) so then you would perceive the band was, whatever their image is, when actuality it could be a group of songwriting 3 yr olds or maybe some really old dudes. do you dig? kind of like how music is now! you dig? do ya do ya do ya do ya dig?
you see in music every move is mitigated. it's not that the artists are talented, it's that there is no margin for error. what I'm trying to explain is that Stereolab are ROBOTS. they are not human.

Nov 04, 2009, 05:55