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you know what would be cool?
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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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Re: you know what would be cool?

I dunno what that movie is about. There's no reason the government shouldn't run the entertainment industry. ha ha it'll be like 1984 and Eddie likes this.
oh who am I kidding? the government already runs the entertainment industry. and they're doing a terrible job.
I want the best of everything. I hate being separated from technology. this push for public health care is just a plot to keep people HUMAN, separate from technology instead of integrating technology into the human body which is the next frontier. have you seen the computer commercials where the guy has a miniature concert taking place in his head? this is how the listening experience should be for todays music patrons!
We need computers in our heads! I'm a big fan of bio nano technics!
for example, everybody knows that Bill Gates hasn't a remaining natural human cell in his body. He has been gorged to the brim with the latest microcomputers and bionanoengineering products that he has microcomputers under his fingernails. I want to live like this! computers are virtually free now! the machines are everywhere. I want to be integrated! It just isn't fair!!
so what I'm really saying is that the music industry should employ all the tactics of a modern defense department or just relinquish itself to the government. I'm bored with all its' psychological manipulation and I'd really like to see it utilize the best technology available to enhance the overall experience, and broaden horizons for all us little, simpletons. It's so patronizing to be sold something archaic such as a cd or a record when much more advanced is available.
oh well, it's business as usual for these tools.

Nov 04, 2009, 23:42