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Palin rallies
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Re: Palin rallies

That's pretty insane. It's funny how they think 'Socialism' is a terrible label. You'd never see that kind of anger from regular people in Britain (I presume these were regular people). You only see anger like that from extreme left wing groups or far right loonies.

What beggars belief, and also happens in the UK, is that you have blue-collar meatheads voting for the right(est) wing option. These people have been duped. Did they not think that Bush's tax breaks for the super rich were unnecessary? Are they happy with dead American soldiers getting flown home weekly? Are they happy with rising unemployment and a collapsed financial sector? Do they think that 40,000,000 Americans without health insurance is an acceptable statistic for the richest nation on earth?

They can't surely hate Obama because he is mixed race? Can they? I hope Obama wins.

Oct 22, 2008, 21:15


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