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Palin rallies
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Re: Palin rallies

We have a "species" of people here in the U.S. who remain uninformed, uneducated, unfortunate for a county as great as ours. They are of all ages, both urban and rural, but primarily senior citizens who have never surfed the web, have never used a computer, some of whom only have a high school education. These people truly exist. Normally, they do not vote either because they are not mobile or they just don?t give a crap. They just live the life and remain mostly concerned only about being comfortable. Don?t get me wrong. These are nice God fearing people. They just haven?t had enough exposure to a blend of different types of people to be comfortable with anything other than the norm. Now that a black man is running for president they, this species, are coming out in droves in paranoia and for a few, in rage! Yes, prejudice exists in America.

Oct 22, 2008, 22:32


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