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Palin rallies
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Mars Rover *bow wow*
Mars Rover *bow wow*
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Re: Palin rallies

cyberpainter wrote:
wracket wrote:
McCain wasn't that bad. He's proven to be far more anti-corruption than most politicians (and, honestly, more so than Obama, Biden or Palin), and for a while he seemed to vote his conscience even when it didn't sit with the party line. He's still a politician, though, and it doesn't surprise me that he used "Rove-like tactics" to get ahead, as sad and revolting as that may be. But let's not pretend that Obama's a saint I've often stated, no politician above the level of PTA board member is.

In what way is he more anti-corruption than Obama? Also, Obama is right when he talks about how much McCain voted the party line. It is a perception that McCain and his cohorts want to portray, but it is incorrect. I will find the statistics for you, and the report cards for his voting record on various issues if you like. (Not today, I'm going to see stereolab in a little bit, whoohoo!)

And I do not believe Obama has been even remotely as shady as McCain, though of course he's a politician through and through.

Isn't there video of McCain saying "i've voted with Bush 90% of the time, more than most Republicans"

Oct 22, 2008, 23:38


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