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Palin rallies
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Re: Palin rallies

McCain started preparing for a real run a the Republican nomination before the 2004 election, so of course he started falling into line a lot more. This is what disappointed and disgusted those of us independents who used to hold a bit more respect for him than we did for most Depublicats. But I'm talking about his political record over the longer term...not just since he decided to win brownie points with the GOP. (Though that 90% statistic is a bit easy. There are quite a few Democrats who voted with Bush the overwhelming majority of the time these past few years, particularly on the key issues like Iraq and the manipulation of the Constitution.)

As for the the anti-corruption aspect, and not to sound like a third rate pundit, but just look at the earmarking (or even more specifically, just look at the CORPORATE earmarking) between McCain and the other three (Obama, Biden and Palin) and you'll get some idea. Don't just listen to Obama bask earmarking...look at his actual record on the issue.

In no way am I suggesting that McCain is still a viable option. He sold his soul to the GOP, evidently, and though I still see hints of the old McCain every once in a while, I hold no hope for the guy. But any objective political analysis of his whole career, and not just the last few years, will show that taken as a whole it is silly to imply that he's the same as Dubya. Hopefully once he loses the election he'll go back to his old self a bit more in an attempt to protect whatever's left of his legacy.

Oct 23, 2008, 07:38


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