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Palin rallies
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Left Boob Oscillator
Left Boob Oscillator
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Re: Palin rallies

wracket wrote:
Labhead wrote:
Left Boob Oscillator wrote:

According to Obama, Mccain's idea of cutting out pork barrel spending will only be a tiny fraction of the money that we could save under a Democratic administration.

Right, didn't he say that this earmark/porkbarrel thing only accounted for something like one tenth of 1%?

That's simply not true. Pork barreling is a HUGE burden on the national budget...always has been. It is a big part of what keeps the military industrial complex (if you choose to call it such a conspiratorial name) afloat...that, and the fact that we go to war every year or two!

Where the Republicans no longer have a leg to stand on is that they have lost any semblance of fiscal conservatism. Now it seems only the Libertarians actually preach small government!

Small or no government is fine as long as there is no capitalism.

Oct 23, 2008, 21:18


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