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Why does this site attract "Religious zealots"
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Re: Why does this site attract

YZ wrote:
Just one thing to say...
One's spirituality influences EVERYTHING he does.
The religion of one state influences even the laws.
It says nowhere in the nature that you aren't allowed to kill anyone - but it says in the Bible and other similar sacred books. (That being said, one should argue not the normality of killing, but whether it's good for you... and, of course, it isn't.)
So there you go.

That being said, I'm a Christian, but I don't insist on imposing it over others or prouding myself on forums...

We are all atheists... you just happen to believe in one more god than I do. ;P
Ask yourself why you don't believe in the other gods, and you may find why I don't believe in yours (or any).

There are some good ideas in the bible... and then there's other ideas that are just crazy.

Morals existed before god and the bibles. They come from common sense and nature. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. If you're nice to others, they're nice to you. If you kill others, they kill you. I am a good person with my own morals and values because it makes sense, not because I'm afraid of an invisible man in the sky that will send me to fire for eternity if I'm not good, which I think is much more nobel of an idea. I find atheists to be much better people than people of faith because atheists have come to our conclusions through reasoning and choice rather than fear.

I tend to find that religion seems to breed intolerance and hatred for others who don't believe the same thing, but of course this exists in mankind even without religion... it just seems like religion/belief is just another division and brings out this trait quicker and more viciously. I'm not talking about everybody, of course... for instance, LBO is very reasonable and has the right approach to belief (if belief can be considered a correct approach in the first place) in my humble opinion.

My final thoughts, however, always come back to the fact that different things work for different people. They can work even if there's no god, and some people need that feeling of love and comfort; feeling that there's more to the universe & an afterlife... not everyone can be an independant minded atheist, it's not easy for most... but we all start out as atheists before being brainwashed by our parents. :)

Nov 13, 2009, 18:28


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