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Why does this site attract "Religious zealots"
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Why does this site attract

Kazak wrote:
I think the origin of life on earth, and the origin of the universe are two vastly different prospects which are often conflated for disingenuous purposes, and should be differentiated. I don't claim to know how life on earth began, but I've been exposed to enough plausible explanations for the origin of life on earth which don't require any magical interventions whatsoever that I simply cannot see any reason to assert that any magic was in fact involved. It was just molecules jostling together under the right conditions until some critical level of complexity was achieved at which point a cumulative selection process could kick in. As for the origin of the universe, I concede, it remains a gigantic and wonderful mystery. It certainly could've been some deity for all I know, that's as good an idea as any idea I have, I reckon we'll never know. Seems like some pretty privileged information. For these reasons, I'm neutral to deism, but reject theism. I suppose that makes me an atheist, but lately I've felt the need to add that I'm am not an adeist!

agreed 100%

Nov 15, 2009, 01:13


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