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Why does this site attract "Religious zealots"
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Re: Why does this site attract

well you guys obviously didn't watch my first video, Nano, a., because it wasn't 27 minutes before you responded b, you didn't catch the part of the video where it teaches us how we can manipulate the nanomollecular. well haha not the nanomollecular, we haven't advanced that much, but the part of the video where it is demonstrated that we can "sculpt" atoms, and manipulate on the less than atomic level.
anywaY, this lesson I've tried to import to you guys has had the same effect/affect as religious ideas. I was quite tickled when I saw the recent posting regarding atom size vs. a grain of rice, eukaryote size, etc. on green screen etc. come on, you guys! could we enter the 21st century?? I know the lab is from the nineties, but we don't don't need to dwell there.

Nov 15, 2009, 04:14


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