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Emperor Tomato Ketchup - clearly the best!
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Re: Emperor Tomato Ketchup - clearly the best!

Now my memory from the ninties is a little fuzzy... a lot of concerts..raves.... canadian summers... come to your own conclusions. BUT:

I remember it was either an Interview i saw or a friend that told me that it was called Emperor Tomato Ketchup because...

There was a hand held video game in japan that roughly translated to 'bar code warrior/killer' and the video game gave you strength based on randomisation of barcodes.

You'd scan a sack of flour get so many points, you'd scan a box of soap, different alotment of points.... You would fight with your friends via a cable or connection of some sort (perhaps infared)

depending on what you scanned would determine your power levels. It was discovered that a specific discount brand of ketchup was discovered to max out all your powers and make you basically unbeatable.

The stores sold out everywhere as everyone was buying up this ketchup to beef up their game, and in the process buying so many bottles as to make other ppl unable to get the powers as the stores were sold out. whoever in the band was fascinated by this phenomenom of human behaviour and decided to use the titled of the much sought after ketchup as the title of the album that followed this unique blip in consumer history.

this is a long time ago, so forgive me if its inaccurate.

Oct 24, 2008, 00:05