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Emperor Tomato Ketchup - clearly the best!
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Favourite ETK memory.

We were going to a matmos concert. It was a cold october day 2 or 3 years ago. We decided to go to "The Buttler's Pantry" for dinner, i had never been but i was assured that i would enjoy it as they specialised in 'baked home good foods'. I ordered the sheapard pie during the song Western Eyes by Portishead (one of my favourites). Just as the waitress left i heard the cd changer flick, and in started the base line from metronomic underground, i was freaking "OMG TERRY" (my dinner and concert companion) She didnt know it off the bat, so i had to tell her. They played the entire album front to back. Just as we paid our bill anonymous collective ended. We made our way to the concert. It was THE single most amazing dinner out i've ever had. One of the most amazing concerts too, met Drew and Martin after the show, they signed my record. It was a stellar evening in general.

Oct 24, 2008, 02:18