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SF 22-10 report
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Re: SF 22-10 report

I decided to bring my "report" over here from the green screen, since there's some stuff pikey said people might be interested in. (Sorry for the repeat post gs-ers)

What a great night, I'm exhausted. The set list was similar to all the others. They played Bump, and Valley Hi, which I was very happy about. The Jenny Ondioline (I think it was) jam at the end of the show got everyone in a frenzy. Laetitia's voice was beautiful and she was swaying about in her simple elegant dress and bare feet. I hope a few of my pictures turned out, I'll put them up soon. Tim was in the back swinging his head back and forth as always, playing his refried ecto couple of chords in a way only he can. I thought they were really tight, and I didn't hear any of the cheesy sounding organ like I heard on the NY recording. At the end, woah, I was so impressed with Andy's drumming, I should notice more often how great he is. My favorite of the night probably was Double Rocker.

There must be quite a few fans in SF, Laetitia commented that she recognized quite a few faces from the show the previous night. I mostly couldn't hear her comments, even though I was near front center. She made some kind of joke about going to mass in SF and comparing the small number of people there to people at the show. I'm sure I missed something there!

I went early so I could try to catch Martin, but he could only tell me in passing that he was working. So I waited around after the show and caught him near the merch stand. Like I've been planning, I brought a few fab 4 puzzle pieces, and he went and got me my last signature for it, Laetitia, woohoo! Very nice of him. It was so nice to chat with him, I had to follow him outside and we stood around talking.

I did get a bit of miscellaneous info from him. Can't remember everything but...
He thinks the other tracks will be released eventually, maybe next year.
We talked about that pitchfork interview a bit and the chatter on the forum about them not getting along etc. He says he knows of nothing that would indicate Stereolab isn't going to keep on going. He says Tim can't not do it...
He does say that it is getting harder and harder to tour, cost and hard to deal with the visas. They're going to tour Australia and Japan coming up too.
The old forum is archived, they'll put a link to it somewhere eventually. He'll be back on to write stuff in a couple weeks.
The laundry bag was his idea, he was with Electrelane and they were in a laundromat and he got one of those bags. He just kept all the writing on it the way it was, just added the Stereolab name on there. He said the t-shirt designs were because they didn't think the CC art lent itself well to t-shirts. I think he said it was Tim's wife that did the design on the one I got, or put it together or something. I love it! Retro child in front of this weird synth gadget. German writing on it. I was wondering if it was a poster from a previous show, but I guess not. Also there was Cliff with the gun.
Stereolab did another radio show and they gave pikey something to read, maybe it was upcoming shows or something. He hated that!

I got a couple tour cds, t-shirt, and green laundry bag.

I'm a happy girl, but I wish it wasn't over.

Oct 26, 2008, 18:40