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britain is shit
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Re: britain is shit

I thought what wracket said was funny. drugs are a global problem. the U.S. lets drugs into it's borders because drug arrests are the only way the municipalities can support themselves. without drug arrests there's no way that cities law enforcement could fund themselves unless there was a tax to support them, and you know how Americans are, they want everything for free, nobody pays taxes, and then the people feel they have the right to complain about everything. you get what you pay for, people!!
That wasn't a really fair comment for me to make because I know I've found a syringe on the ground in the USA more than once.
my other point was that medicine has progressed to the stage where syringes aren't neccessary to deliver insulin to a patient any longer. their are diabetic and analgesic subdermal implants that work much better. but there's a huge stockpile of outmoded medicine products like syringes and the only type of person that could utilize one is somebody doing drugs. and not that I've never done drugs, I like to smoke pot and I find it more beneficial than all the liver destroying medications my psychiatrist prescribed me as far as antidepressants are concerned.

Nov 25, 2009, 20:46


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