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"Real" Vampires?? lol
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they can't act that is fo sho. I sat through that damned movie this weekend with the mumbling and the muttering.
re: vampires, people are so odd. they do the darnedest things. there is a bunch of those vampire people in New Orleans and some real vampires. I really believe in vampires, anything under the sun is possible. I can't believe vampires are so popular. I understand the immortality aspect but why be a vampire when you can be a robot. It's such an antiquated notion. blood why do you need blood? there's synthetic blood and other life sustaining mock tissue. synthetic tissue and synthetic skin whatever you want if you've got the money. the practice of medicine is so outdated. It is only practiced because of the stockpiles of medical supplies and of course, the corporations it supports, the industry. I mean I could make a zombie, fo sho, fo sho. give me a team and a budget and I'll make you a zombie. there's zombie making teams all over the world. shhh they're top secret. these are the real endeavors of the government. the deep philosophical solutions. I'm all for it!! I want to be a robot. so badly so badly so badly

Dec 01, 2009, 21:49