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"Real" Vampires?? lol
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MY RETURN wrote:
I'm more amused by the people who go out of their way to get fangs and actually drink blood

Someone I used to work with told me that a few years back she started to do that thing where you get your tounge split in two to make it like a snakes (apparently this is a gradual process). Like this guy:

Fortunately she stopped before it was too late! I don't know what it is with peircings / tatoos etc, but for some people (in extreme instances) it becomes like an addiction. I would put the teeth filers at this end of the spectrum. I guess they just feel the need to try and shock, or maybe it's a way of seeking attention. They will claim they are "expressing their individuality" and all the rest, but the reality is they are being totally conformist by fitting in with all the "alternative" fashion cliches. I love telling such people this when I'm pissed! :)

Dec 01, 2009, 22:27