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c in dc
c in dc
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Re: Brigitte...

waxenpith wrote:
meanchico wrote:
there's always a forgotten Stereolab gem to revisit. I love "Brigitte" too. Such a cool lady!

And a racist! arrested some 14 times for in-sighting racial riots.

but i loves her to death despite the fact that she believes that Blacks, Arabs and gays have permanently eroded the culture of France.

I'm sorry to hear that; didn't know that about her. It's a shame when great artists let that kind of hate into their lives. Maybe it's a form of mental illness. I remember Kurt Vonnegut (forget which book) talking about the "thunderstorms" inside the head of family friend Jack Kerouac that caused him to spew racist and anti-semitic babble. Vonnegut also described the writer Louis-Ferdinand CÚline in a similar way. CÚline wrote one of the great novels of the 20th century, "Journey to the End of the Night", yet he was a rabid anti-semite. Sad.

Dec 03, 2009, 19:14