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Mmm Sexy Sarah (Palin) lol
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Re: Mmm Sexy Sarah (Palin) lol

cyberpainter wrote:
Because of the insane amount of money they spent on her clothes, and that she was in a beauty pageant, makes it ok apparently to be object of ridicule and joking about her appearance. However, it really stinks that a woman of her less than adequate caliber is only the second woman to ever be on the ticket. I hate that half of the conversation about her reeks of sexism.

I'm not catching the sexism that some have talked about, I guess I just don't get it. I hate her because of her beliefs and dubious values, not because she's a female (I'm an equal opportunity hater and lover - to a point :).
There's a lot of men in politics that have their looks made fun of, also. (McCain looks old, Leiberman looks like a turtle, Kucinich looks funny)

This is nothing new, look at how they ridiculed John Edward's $400 haircut (but at the same time, Faux News makes excuses for Palin's shopping spree).

None of the ridicule that I've seen has anything to do with her being a woman.

Oct 24, 2008, 15:14


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