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Mmm Sexy Sarah (Palin) lol
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Re: Mmm Sexy Sarah (Palin) lol

Labhead wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
Because of the insane amount of money they spent on her clothes, and that she was in a beauty pageant, makes it ok apparently to be object of ridicule and joking about her appearance. However, it really stinks that a woman of her less than adequate caliber is only the second woman to ever be on the ticket. I hate that half of the conversation about her reeks of sexism.

I'm not catching the sexism that some have talked about, I guess I just don't get it. I hate her because of her beliefs and dubious values, not because she's a female (I'm an equal opportunity hater and lover - to a point :).
There's a lot of men in politics that have their looks made fun of, also. (McCain looks old, Leiberman looks like a turtle, Kucinich looks funny)

This is nothing new, look at how they ridiculed John Edward's $400 haircut (but at the same time, Faux News makes excuses for Palin's shopping spree).

None of the ridicule that I've seen has anything to do with her being a woman.
Sorry that you don't get it, but that doesn't mean you're necessarily right. The sheer volume and quantity of comments in the media and just among average americans that revolve around her looks, and around Hillary's older women somehow being less attractive looks, is pretty revolting. It's an insult to all women because it's belittling and trivializing to place emphasis on them as objects instead of their actions. The sexist comments toward Hillary throughout her campaign were appalling too. None of the male candidates get commented on their looks ad nauseum. It's sexism, pure and simple.

By the way, I hate Palin, and also I'm not saying you're being sexist.

Oct 25, 2008, 02:54


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