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Broadcast "I See, So I See So" official video
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Re: Broadcast

Martian wrote:
I agree. Much of the Witch album doesn't really go anywhere. Or, should I say, goes nowhere.

Now look at those two last sentences which went nowhere and didn't go anywhere. Put them together and they end up being zero and everything. I don't care what instruments or sound effects are used. When music has both no direction and endless direction, there really isn't any sort of focus or point. Focus group, you ask? I say, they need a new set of optics.

Let's take Pink Floyd's 'Saucerful of Secrets' which I consider to be one of the most overboard, psychedelic albums ever made. There are moments when tunes entirely "tear from the axis" as it were. They go way out into a never-never land of improv and insanity. But they come back; they are ensconced in an overall theme. They are bookended or contained in a piece that has a direction and focus.

The "break" in Pink Floyd's Echoes is another example. It wouldn't mean anything if the overall theme of Echoes didn't return in the end and bring things into focus.

This is not the case with Broadcast lately. It sort of reminds me of Lynch. You can "pocket" moments of cinema that are completely insane and make no sense to the story, but when the entire movie is completely scatterbrained (like that last digital piece of crap that everyone seemed to like) it's literally un-watchable to me.


good points and as always, well-stated cybele!

but i don't agree that there isn't a thread that runs through the 'witch cults' project. i think it accomplishes exactly what keenan and cargill intended -- some sort of dark fairytale fantasy of ghosts and seances, mysteries that haunt and play in the woods...

it actually reminds me more of victor erice's 'spirit of the beehive' or jan svanmajer's 'alice' than anything by david lynch. child-like in its simplicity and gorgeous beyond words...

there is indeed a thread to follow -- variations on 'the be colony' serve as the entrance and the exit points...

Dec 17, 2009, 18:07


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