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Broadcast "I See, So I See So" official video
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: Broadcast

Archigram wrote:
Jasonspaceman wrote:
Unless if you grew up in England you wouldn't get any of the british references that have been seeping around witch cults. Most Americans just don't get it, which is fine.

Well, that's a little broad. It's really not as if there's any real defining allusion to anything in particular on this album, and that's why this stuff is so fascinating. It's a mashup of influences that touch upon memories, nostalgia, inner-mind whatever, etc... I think people may take this Witch Cults title a little too seriously. These are more like pastoral, psychedelic miniatures with no clear, distinct message. It's vague enough that I think the listener can take from it whatever they want.

It's not as if Trish is prancing around a fire sing "I'm putting a spell on all you naughty children!"

Then again, maybe she does that in her free time. ;)

Norm. right on again.

Also, i don't think people are quite grasping the concept of "EP" and "Broadcast & THE FOCUS GROUP." Have some patience and wait until an album proper comes out before your panties get all bunched up. The EP isn't even solely Broadcast. That said i think the sounds and their apparent willingness to even transcend themselves and their past sounds bodes really well for the next BROADCAST album.

Dec 18, 2009, 01:13


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