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the sea and cake - car alarm
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Re: the sea and cake - car alarm

You know, I am hesistant to pick this one up. I thought Oui and One Bedroom were really good records, but the last record left me w/ the blahs.
If you ever meet these guys you will see they are not very enthusiastic and it's starting to show in their material. I really did like Archer though; I had a long conversation with him about his guitars. Bands like this I hate to say it are starting to become dated. I say this as I own every S&C record made. Even their last live show was a notch down. I thought Sam's 2 solo records were better than the last S&C album and that's a direction he should go. Archer's solo stuff has a few good songs. If there was ever a time for a band to split up it might be now. Sorry to be so negative on one of my fav bands, but just the state of things. On a positive side; their recording quality is always brilliant and Sam is one of the best rythm guitarist I have ever seen; along w/ Archer it's great. I did catch a solo Sam show w/ just he and Archer; it was fantastic.

Oct 28, 2008, 08:56