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the sea and cake - car alarm
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Re: the sea and cake - car alarm

I have to disagree--I think TSAC have a second wind--I saw them twice last year and the second concert, in particular, was amazing. I think their hiatus did them some good. Like Stereolab, they are knocked for either sounding the same on all their albums or alternately getting too far away from their roots. I've also got all their albums and feel The Fawn was the weakest (I love One Bedroom, Nassau, Everybody and, yes, Car Alarm). I'm actually thrilled that this year gives us both Sterolab and TSAC albums and tours. The interviews with both bands also suggest that they are ready to be more productive again.

I think it is far from time for them to pack up. I'm just hoping Jim O'Rourke gets productive again.

Oct 28, 2008, 15:20