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CoBrA and Phases movements
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Re: CoBrA and Phases movements

popeye wrote:
i was trying to be smartass by searching the internet to give you some insight...
then i found this:

i remember this review. for me it was enlightening not because i agreed but because it made me realize that reviews, no matter how well written, are purely subjective. up until that point i gave them way more credence than they deserve and most likely even let them shape my own views of what is or is not sonically acceptible.

of course there have always been reviews that i didn't agree with but this one made it clear to me that my sensibilities are completely different from brent dicrescenzo's (who btw, no longer writes for pitchfork)...

anyone who takes what these people say seriously that is doing themselves a terrible disservice. you gotta go out there and discover/experience it for yourself. no one else can do it for you. if you think so, you're missing out!

Jan 05, 2010, 16:16